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Simple Ways to Remember and Inexpensive Ways to Have Fun-Part 2

So, now that you’ve armed yourself with some simple ways to work remembrance into your Memorial Day (from Part 1 of this post), what about the rest of your holiday weekend?. You don’t have to go far to have a fun, budget friendly, fabulous time. If you haven’t already got something on your weekend agenda here are some fun and inexpensive ways to spend this Memorial Day weekend:

  • Get some water pistols and have a water battle in your backyard (with or without the kiddos!).
  • Take a picnic (breakfast, lunch or dinner!) to a great nearby park.
  • Check out your local Rails to Trails and go on a hike. If you have a bike, bike the trail instead!
  • Have a red, white and blue barbecue in your backyard by eating red, white and blue food.
  • Have a water balloon battle.
  • Put the sprinklers on and run through them (or just enjoy watching your kids do it).
  • Go to your local farmers market.
  • Pretend you are a tourist in your hometown and go see any museums or sites you haven’t seen or even revisit the ones you have.
  • Check out any local community festivities that are going on for Memorial Day weekend.
  • Put out your lawn chairs and watch a great sunset. If you have kids ask them to describe the colors they are seeing to you. Kids have such fantastic descriptions of stuff like this.
  • If you have a laptop or portable dvd player, head out to your backyard for a homemade “drive-in” style movie night. Lay out on a blanket and bring the popcorn out.
  • Lay out in the backyard on a blanket and watch the stars come out one by one.
  • Find a local little league game to see.
  • Check into anything going on with the local VFW.
  • Go for a bike ride in your neighborhood.
  • Read that novel you’ve been hearing such great things about (you can probably borrow it free at the local library!)
  • Go camping in your own backyard. It’s a thrifty camping experience and you avoid the crowds. Bonus points if you have an outdoor fire pit so you can make s’mores and sing camp songs.
  • Blow lot of bubbles with your kids in the yard.
  • Go out for a frugal ice cream cone at McDonald’s for $1 (my husband and I did this even before we had kids and enjoyed the frugal silliness of it!).
Have a fun, fantastic, safe, “remember-ful” Memorial Day weekend!

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