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Oh the Joys of Technology!

Being new to the blogosphere I am having one of my first bouts of good old fashioned technical difficulties.  I just learned a very important lesson today: Print all final drafts. Always. I was being frugal and saving ink and paper. Which in general I find to be a good idea. But it caught up to me today! Ouch. Being frugal is important but so is making wise choices about how and when to apply frugal measures. Sometimes it’s best to invest a little more to save yourself money, time and serious aggravation later. It’s important to find a balance. This morning I know I’d happily have parted with the few cents the ink and paper would have cost me but hindsight is 20/20. I will say, being new to blogging and all things bloggy I’m learning a ton very quickly! While no one likes to learn a lesson the hard way, at least something positive comes out of it: I did learn something! Ugh. Yay.

Because today is one of my husband’s precious few days off (we’re down to one more after this until mid September), I’ll be posting my promised list of things I learned from going to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow instead (pending any further technical problems of course-I’ll keep you posted)!

Hope you all have a wonderful Rice & Beans Life kinda day (just not one with technical difficulties!).

Comment worthy: 

Have you ever ended up paying the piper because of good intentions with saving money? Has there been an instance where you should have invested a little more for long term frugality over short term frugality? 

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