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A Peak at Ms. Practicality

I remember being really surprised when friends and family described me as “practical.” Practical? ME? REALLY? But the reality is, over the course of my life, I have graduated from fanciful to practical. Don’t get me wrong. I love tossing this practicality to the wind… sometimes. But most of the time I pride myself on the fact that our family lives on very little. And we live well. Several life circumstances led me to live the life of Rice and Beans mentality and you know what I found out? We’re a heck of a lot happier. A heck of lot more productive. A heck of lot more loving as a family because of it. We give more. We worry less. We have the time and inclination to invest in the character of our children and who we are as a family and it’s led us to have more focus in our lives and our goals. We don’t have what I like to call “stuff-itis.” We don’t want stuff just for stuff’s sake and I don’t keep stuff if it’s not truly meaningful to me or my family. We love Dave Ramsey. I remember well my Grandma’s simplicity. I embrace that love and family come first because you can’t take anything with you when it’s over. We keep it simple. We keep it real. And we find the flavor of this life to be quite simply the best that can be found. I hope our Rice and Beans Life helps you discover the joy of simple and less in all you do. You might just be surprised how much more you have when you let go.

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If you’d like to get in touch with me other than in the comments, shoot me an email at riceandbeanslife at gmail dot com! 


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  1. Beans and rice mentality sounds like the way to go this day and age! 🙂
    Kudos to you and your family!

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