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A Plate of Pancakes

One of our household favorites for eating on the cheap-breakfast for dinner! How can you miss with a mouse shaped pancake with a few chocolate chips tossed in? And yes, they were whole grain and from scratch. We don’t do box mix pancakes here-the ingredients are surprisingly simple and, most often better. And if you’ve got the makings for most any kind of cookie in your house I’m pretty sure you’ll have the makings for pancakes too! Most prepackaged food is strictly about convenience and convenience costs extra. The funny thing is-once you know how to make them from scratch you’ll be scratching your head over why you even bothered with a mix in the first place. So go ahead and pull out your trusty cookbook and dust that thing off. Spend that hard earned money on some honest to goodness real maple syrup instead! Your tasted buds and your wallet will thank you. (Don’t forget to save the leftovers! They freeze just fine and toast up nicely in the morning.)

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