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FREE Books!!!

Well. For a little while anyway. Usually three whole weeks. And with amazing modern technology you can usually renew your items at the end of your three weeks for more time. Where can you get amazing FREE books? Are you ready for this?? Your LOCAL LIBRARY. If you haven’t stepped into your local library since card catalogs were the kind you pull out of drawers and were actually on CARDS then you might just be in for a treat. Libraries, even the ones in the smallest of counties, have a surprising number of free resources. Most libraries now let you browse their catalog online from home, some let you reserve books from home and some pull the books for you in advance to pick up at the front desk. If you get close to the due date and you haven’t quite finished your selection (or started on one as sometimes is the case with me!) you can log in from home and re-check your items. Libraries these days have a ton of great books, DVD’s, CD’s that can be checked out.  Most also have free Wi-Fi. I live in a very rural area and even our quaint, small public library has some fantastic resources and plenty of current movies (including some great foreign selections if you like!). When I lived in a more metropolitan area I could “order” the books I wanted and pick them up at the desk without having to wander the stacks (unless you want to and I often do just to lose myself for a while). If you have children there are often great programs and story times and the librarians are usually wonderful resources for where to find out what is going on in the community. The last time I walked out of my library (last week) I had more than twenty books (many for my children, but at least six for myself). If I’d walked out of a bookstore with this many books I cringe to think of the money I’d have spent. While I do buy plenty of books, I usually only buy the ones I want on my bookshelves for years to come. The rest I find at my wonderful local library.  Free entertainment  fits in very nicely into anyones budget! Free is budget friendly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts: Do you have a library card? Why not??


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  1. We love the library! We go once a week for storytime and make our trades then.


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